Welcome to the Prairie Fruit Genebank

The Prairie Fruit Genebank(PFG) was initiated with help from the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) for the purpose of preserving the Germplasm of fruiting plants which are specifically suited to life on the Prairies. Many people are often surprised at the diversity and abundance of prairie fruit crops which exist despite the length and severity of our winters, and the limitations of our growing season. In addition to the continued maintenance and organization of our Germplasm the PFG seeks to:

  • Connect instituitions and individuals across Canada and internationally to improve cooperation and exchange. 
  • Support research involving nutritional studies, processing and the creation of value added products by making fruit available to qualified researchers.
  • Preserve information regarding the lineage, fruit characteristics, and plant characteristics of varieties originating, or adaptable to the prairies.
  • Provide genetic material for breeders seeking to create better fruit varieties. 

We believe that there are positive social and economic spinoffs from the activities of the genebank. The fruit sector in the Canadian Prairies has the potential to be a highly profitable intensive crop. Prairie land is cheaper, has low pest pressure, and many hardy varieties are machine harvestable. In addition to the economic benefits to Saskatchewan agriculture, the PFG ensures a consistent source of germplasm for locally produced food, the importance of which is becoming increasingly apparent.

List of; Amelanchier, prunus (apricots), Prunus (Nanking, Pincherry, Sandcherry), Prunus (plums) for apples look on our apple page