Research opportunities


Everyone belongs in STEM! No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you live your life, you have a place in STEM. Diverse ideas and perspectives enrich our research programs, our communities, and our lives. We all have part to play in making everyone feel welcomed and a valued member in STEM. I am committed to growing, learning, and improving STEM culture so that STEM environments and teams are as fulfilling as possible.


Research is all about different perspectives.

Graduate/postdoctoral opportunities

Prospective graduate students students should look here to find details of MSc or PhD programs, a list of the Chemistry faculty and their research interests, available funding, admission requirements, and the application process. There is the link to start your graduate application with the Department of Chemistry. Once completed, all faculty members are able to see your application and attached materials. We accept applications at all times of the year.

I welcome applications from interested students who have degrees in Chemistry or Chemistry-related areas. Members of my group will develop their technical skills through tailored research projects, and their interpersonal, professional, and mentorship skills through teamwork, conference attendance, and mentoring fantastic undergraduate students. Are you passionate about the graduate experience or spreading science messages in your community? There are numerous graduate societies and outreach events, such as 'Let's Talk Science', to get involved in.

International students interested in applying can find extra resources here that describe living, working, and studying in Canada.

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in my group, please feel free to email me! It would be helpful if you provide a CV and highlight your past experience that is relevant to my group's research.

Undergraduate opportunities

Why should you do undergraduate research?

  • Research/Graduate School: You get to experience research and decide if research, or a particular field of research, is right for you!
  • Academic Achievement: You can see real applications of your coursework and develop a greater appreciation all the things you've learned.
  • Career Goals: It may help you to clarify your choice of degree program, your career interests, and your post-graduation plans.
  • Transferable Skills: You have the opportunity to strengthen written and oral communication, critical thinking, technical skills, and information literacy. It can also help you to build confidence in your abilities.
  • Community: Undergraduate research provides opportunities to make meaningful connections with your peers, graduate students, and faculty members. These people could become your friends, mentors, or allies and help you shape your future.

 Useful links and a place to start:

  • My advice is to start talking to potential supervisors at the earliest opportunity! This demonstrates your genuine enthusiasm for their type of research.
    • For 4th year research, the deadline for deciding on a research project and completing the supervisor/agreement form is usually in the first or second week of September.
    • In the case of Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantships, many of the applications for funding opportunities, which may determine whether or not a supervisor can offer you a summer research position, need to be submitted in January or February.
  • Roundtable discussion by USask faculty (including me!) on undergraduate research and the qualities that supervisors look for in a prospective undergraduate researcher
  • 4th year research in the University's course catalogue
  • Chemistry Department research opportunities in 3rd or 4th year of your degree, summer reseach opportunies, research awards
  • Undergraduate summer research assistantship information
  • Chemistry groups that offer summer research positions
  • How to approach a potential supervisor (pdf document)
  • Funding - home, national, international sources