Agri-Food Innovation and Sustainability Enhancement Chair, 2019-2024, by:

  • Bayer CropScience
  • Canadian Canola Growers Asociation
  • CropLife Canada
  • Global Institute for Food Security
  • Commissions of:
    • Alberta Wheat
    • Saskatchewan Barley
    • Saskatchewan Canola
    • Saskatchewan Wheat
  • Syngenta


GE3LS Insights into the Pathways to Impact, Canada First Research Excellence Fund, 2019-2022.

Alliance for Foods and Bioproducts Innovation Scholars Program. Assessing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Herbicide Tolerant Crop Production. 2014-2015

Industry Funded Research Chair in Agri-Food Innovation Provided 2014-2019 by:

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Sask Canola
Croplife Canada
Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS)

Global Institute for Food Security. Developing Camelina sativa as a Modern Crop Platform. 2014-2017

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Economic and Regulatory Research Pertaining to Pulse Crops. Principal Investigator. 2012-2013

Genome Prairie. Value Addition to Genomics and GE³LS. Principal Investigator. 2009-2013

Genome Prairie. Total Utilization Flax Genomics. Principal Investigator. 2009-2013  

Genome Prairie. Microbial Genomics for Biofuels and Co-products from Biorefining Processes. Principal Investigator. 2009-2013

Agriculture BioProducts Innovation Program. Principal Investigator. Development of Commercial Feed Products from the Wheat Ethanol Process. 2008-2010

AVAC Ltd. Bioactive Oils Program. Principal Investigator. 2007-2012