Cancer Cluster

The Cancer Cluster occupies more than 6,000 sq. ft. of space on the 4th floor of the new Academic Health Sciences Building at the University of Saskatchewan.  This group includes eight Principal Investigators studying various aspects of cancer cell biology, including:

•    alterations in cellular signaling pathways that contribute to oncogenesis
•    the impact of cancer-associated mutations on protein function and cell regulation
•    epigenetic mechanisms to regulate gene expression
•    DNA repair mechanisms
•    understanding the genetic dependencies of cancer cells via synthetic lethality to define new therapeutic targets
•    tumor immunology and immunotherapeutics

This group provides high caliber interdisciplinary training in the study of cancer cells utilizing a blend of cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein structure-function, enzymology, cell-based assays, and animal models to answer fundamental questions about the nature of cancer cells and how this information could be used to identify and validate new targets for therapy.  The Cancer Cluster contains four Research Scientists from the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and four Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan.  The combined group size is about 35 people, including: graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, research technicians, summer students and undergraduate research project students.

We have a large open main laboratory with several side-support areas and embrace an interactive collaborative research environment.  We also enjoy dedicated tissue culture facilities and centralized spaces for other common functions such as bacterial work and the preparation of solutions.  We have expertise in many techniques and promote the training of researchers in these techniques through our Expert User Database. We have a number of shared equipment items that range from the basic (high-speed centrifuges, ultracentrifuge, speed vac system) to the more specialized (chemidoc, flow cytometer, LICOR Odyssey Infra-red scanner, nano drop, phosphor imager, Real-Time PCR machine, SpectraMax M5 fluorescence plate reader, Fluorescent Microscope system, Zeiss LSM700 confocal microscope system, Microarray system, Luminometer).  Additional information about training opportunities (Expert User Database) and equipment specifications/use (Shared Equipment) can be found at the above links.

For More Information About the Cancer Cluster, contact:

Dr. Deborah Anderson (Room 4D30.2)
Cancer Cluster Leader
Phone: (306)-966-7038

Administrative Support Personnel
Room 4D30 Health Sciences Building

Laboratory Support Personnel

Sheila Ash
Assistant to the Director of Research
Phone: (306) 966-7040
Fax: (306) 966-7047

Mark Boyd
Lab Manager of 4th floor, and 6th Floor 
Office Room 4B30
Phone: (306) 370-1296

Lori Amson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (306) 966-7011
Fax: (306) 966-7047

Robin Schneider
Laboratory Assistant
Wash-up rooms on various floors


Room 4D30 Health Sciences Building
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5E5