New Review Article Published by Sharma Lab in Can J Physiol Pharmacol

"Cardiomyocyte culture - an update on the in vitro cardiovascular model and future challenges"

New Publication from Anderson, Carlsen (recently retired from group), and Bonham Labs in Mol Cell Biol

"CREB3L1 is a metastasis suppressor that represses expression of genes regulating metastasis, invasion, and angiogenesis"

New Publication from Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar in high profile Mol Syst Biol. Journal

"A negative genetic interaction map in isogenic cancer cell lines reveals cancer cell vulnerabilities"

New Review Article Published by Wu Lab in IUBMB Life

"Fighting an old war with a new weapon--silencing transposons by Piwi-interacting RNA"

New Publication from Lukong Lab in FEBS J

"The unique N-terminal region of SRMS regulates enzymatic activity and phosphorylation of its novel substrate docking protein 1"

Dr. Kalpana Bhanumathy awarded SHRF/TFRI Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Dr. Kalpana Bhanumathy (Xiang lab) was awarded a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and the Terry Fox Research Institute....

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Biochem Biophy Res Commun

"Natural CD8⁺25⁺ regulatory T cell-secreted exosomes capable of suppressing cytotoxic T lymphocyte-mediated immunity against B16 melanoma"

Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar joins Cancer Cluster

On August 1, 2013 Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar joined the Cancer Cluster as a New Investigator. His work on synthetic lethal interactions and shRNA library screening approaches is a wel...

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Breast Cancer Res Treat

"Exosomal pMHC-I complex targets T cell-based vaccine to directly stimulate CTL responses leading to antitumor immunity in transgenic FVBneuN and HLA-A2/HER2 mice and eradicating t...

New Publication from Xiang Lab in PLoS One

"Th cells promote CTL survival and memory via acquired pMHC-I and endogenous IL-2 and CD40L signaling and by modulating apoptosis-controlling pathways"

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Immunology

"Differential requirements of CD4(+) T-cell signals for effector cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) priming and functional memory CTL development at higher CD8(+) T-cell precursor freque...

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Cell Mol Immunol

"Novel T cell-based vaccine capable of stimulating long-term functional CTL memory against B16 melanoma via CD40L signaling"