New Review Article Published by the Vizeacoumar Lab in Trends Mol Med

"Building high-resolution synthetic lethal networks: a 'Google map' of the cancer cell"

New Publication from the Sharma Lab in PLoS One

"Ischemia and reperfusion induce differential expression of calpastatin and its homologue high molecular weight calmodulin-binding protein in murine cardiomyocytes"

Congratulations to Dr. Keith Bonham, who was invited to join the Scientific Advisory Council of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Prairies/NWT!

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Prairies/NWT (CBCF-P/NWT) is establishing a Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) in support of the Region’s research and fellowship grant progr...

Dr. Anderson’s research, with co-investigator Dr. Vizeacoumar, featured in the On Campus News

Drs. Anderson and Vizeacoumar’s research project was highlighted in the Oct 22, 2014 issue of On Campus News in a article titled: “Cancer Care”.

Dr. Deborah Anderson and co-applicant Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar awarded CIHR Operating Grant

Dr. Deborah Anderson (coPI: Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar) were awarded a new one-year operating grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to support the project: “Targeting M...

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Cell Mol Immunol

"Transgenic 4-1BBL-engineered vaccine stimulates potent Gag-specific therapeutic and long-term immunity via increased priming of CD44+CD62Lhigh IL-7R+ CTLs with up- and downregulat...

Dr. Erique Lukong and co-applicant Dr. Keith Bonham awarded Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Grant

Dr. Erique Lukong (coPI: Dr. Keith Bonham) were awarded a new three-year operating grant from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Prairies/NWT Region. The title of their proje...

Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar awarded new two-year Cancer Research Society Operating Grant

The Cancer Research Society awarded Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar a two-year operating grant to work on a project titled: "Targeting Telomerase by Synthetic Lethality".

New Review Article Published by Lukong Lab in Cell Signal

"Signaling pathways in breast cancer: Therapeutic targeting of the microenvironment"

Congratulations Dr. Jennifer Nyarko, new PhD recipient

Jennifer Nyarko (Anderson lab) passed her PhD defence. Her thesis is titled: "Regulation of PDGF Receptor Trafficking and Signalling by the RabGAP Function of p85α". Jennifer is ...

Jeremy Marshall and James Paul awarded PRISM Graduate Student Scholarships

Jeremy Marshall (Anderson and Moore Labs) and James Paul (Vizeacoumar and Freywald Labs) were both awarded two-year PRISM (Proteomics Research in Interactions and Structure of Macr...

New Publication from Sharma Lab in Mol Cell Biochem

"An improved method and cost effective strategy for soluble expression and purification of human N-myristoyltransferase 1 in E. coli"

Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference brings together Cancer Researchers in the Province

The Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference was held June 18 in Saskatoon and was well attended with close to 100 registered participants from a range of disciplines.

Gavin Cranmore-Sargison awarded a Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation Grant

Gavin Cranmore-Sargison and co-applicants Deborah Anderson, Vijayananda Kundapur, Vitali Moiseenko were awarded a new operating grant from the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nu...

New Publication from Wu Lab in J Biol Chem

"Insight into the roles of helicase motif Ia by characterizing Fanconi anemia group J protein (FANCJ) patient mutations"

New Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Research Grants awarded

Three new Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Research Grants were awarded.

Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar awarded NSERC Discovery Grant

A five year NSERC Discovery Grant was awarded to new investigator Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar. This grant supports a project called: "Functional Dissection of Epigenetic Silencing Mach...

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Int J Mol Sci

"Transgene IL-6 enhances DC-stimulated CTL responses by counteracting CD4+25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cell suppression via IL-6-induced Foxp3 downregulation"

Congratulations Dr. Levi Furber, new PhD recipient

Levi Furber (Anderson lab) passed his PhD defence. His thesis is titled: "Regulation of constitutive platelet-derived growth factor receptor degradation by the 105 kilodalton isof...

New Publication from Lukong and Bonham Labs in PLoS One

"BRK targets Dok1 for ubiquitin-mediated proteasomal degradation to promote cell proliferation and migration"

New Publication from Sharma Lab in Biochem Biophys Res Commun

"Altered expression of calcineurin, calpain, calpastatin and HMWCaMBP in cardiac cells following ischemia and reperfusion"

Yetunde Ogunbolude awarded Lisa Rendall Breast Cancer Graduate Student Scholarship

Yetunde Ogunbolude (Bonham and Lukong labs) is the recipient of the first Lisa Rendall Breast Cancer Graduate Student Scholarship, a two-year award.

New Publication from Xiang Lab in Trials in Vaccinol

"HIV-1 Gag-specific exosome-targted T cell-based vaccine stimulates effector CTL responses leading to therapeutic and long-term immunity against Gag/HLA-A2-expressing B16 melanoma ...