Congratulations Jim Xiang was awarded a grant from the Royal University Hospital Foundation

Novel Irreversible Electroporation Ablation Combined with TLR Agonists and PD-1 Blockade Eradicates Metastatic Melanoma

Congratulations Deborah Anderson was awarded a grant from the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

New drugs for metastatic luminal A breast cancer

Xiang lab - new review article in Int J Mol Sci

Aptamer-Functionalized Nanoparticles in Targeted Delivery and Cancer Therapy

Wu lab - new publication in J Biol Chem

The KH domain facilitates the substrate specificity and unwinding processivity of DDX43 helicase

Deborah Anderson contributes Book Chapter

Luminal A breast cancer resistance mechanisms and emerging treatments, in “Biological Mechanisms and the Advancing Approaches to Overcoming Cancer Drug Resistance”.

Congratulations Franco Vizeacoumar & Andrew Freywald - Book Editors

Invited editors of Book Series for Elsevier Publications.

Vizeacoumar lab - new review article in Cancers (Basel)

The CINs of Polo-Like Kinase 1 in Cancer

Lukong lab - new review article in Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis

Bibliometric analysis of personalized humanized mouse and Drosophila models for effective combinational therapy in cancer patients

Congratulations Franco Vizeacoumar was awarded bridge funding from the College of Medicine

Identification of therapeutically relevant targets in telomerase overexpressing prostate cancers

Vizeacoumar and Bonham labs - new publication in BMC Med Genomics

Humanized yeast genetic interaction mapping predicts synthetic lethal interactions of FBXW7 in breast cancer

Congratulations Franco Vizeacoumar (CoI) with PI: Joyce Wilson and CoI: Darryl Falzarano were awarded COVID grant from CIHR

SARS-CoV2 therapeutic discovery through genetic screens and repurposing drugs that target essential virus-host interactions

Congratulations to Riley Plett (nee Crittenden) - new M.Sc. in Pharmacology

Riley Plett (Anderson lab) passed her MSc defence on May 4, 2020. Her thesis is titled: "New therapies for CREB3L1-deficient triple negative breast cancer".