Vizeacoumar lab - Methods Mol Biol. paper

A CRISPR Platform for Targeted In Vivo Screens

Wu & Vizeacoumar labs - Front Oncol. paper

Synthetic lethal interactions of DEAD/H-box helicases as targets for cancer therapy

Papagerakis lab - Clin Transl Med paper

When the clock ticks wrong with COVID-19

Anderson & Vizeacoumar labs - Sci Rep paper

Homoharringtonine demonstrates a cytotoxic effect against triple-negative breast cancer cell lines and acts synergistically with paclitaxel

Congratulations Dean Chamberlain was awarded a grant from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation

Development of 3D tissue engineered tumour microtissue models for precision medicine

Xiang lab - Int J Mol Sci paper

The Critical Role of AMPKα1 in Regulating Autophagy and Mitochondrial Respiration in IL-15-Stimulated mTORC1Weak Signal-Induced T Cell Memory: An Interplay between Yin (AMPKα1) and...

Lukong lab - J Cancer Res Clin Oncol paper

Triple negative breast cancer: approved treatment options and their mechanisms of action

Vizeacoumar lab - Cells paper

A Drug Repurposing Screen Identifies Fludarabine Phosphate as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for N-MYC Overexpressing Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancers

Anderson lab - PLoS One paper

Reduced CREB3L1 expression in triple negative and luminal a breast cancer cells contributes to enhanced cell migration, anchorage-independent growth and metastasis

Papagerakis lab - J Funct Biomater paper

Self-Crosslinkable Oxidized Alginate-Carboxymethyl Chitosan Hydrogels as an Injectable Cell Carrier for In Vitro Dental Enamel Regeneration

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DDX41 is required for cGAS-STING activation against DNA virus infection

Xiang lab - Cell Mol Immunol paper

Distinct strengths of mTORC1 control T-cell memory via transcriptional FOXO1 and metabolic AMPKα1 pathways in linear cell differentiation and asymmetric cell division models