Picture of Dr. Jim Xiang

Dr. Jim Xiang MSc, PhD, MD

Senior Research Scientist, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Professor in Oncology and Associate Member in Pathology, University of Saskatchewan

Office: Health Sciences Bldg Room 4D30.1
Dr. Xiang’s  lab is  interested  in  studying cellular  and  molecular  mechanisms  for  CD4  T cell help in CD8 cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses and memory and developing  novel exosome-targeted T cell-based immunotherapeutic  vaccines for HER2-positive breast cancer and HIV-1 patients.  Recently, Dr. Xiang’s group discovered the critical role of mannose-6-phosphate Receptor (M6PR) in regulation of T cell fate. Currently, his team is elucidating the molecular pathways for pro-survival cytokine-induced differential M6PR expression-regulated CTL contraction and memory.