Prager Lab

We specialize in (mostly) insect ecology and management  

Our research is grounded in the broad topic of insect ecology. Within that context, we conduct both fundamental and applied research on a variety of arthropod taxa. We like to call ourselves a “taxon agnostic group,” since our projects aren’t focused on any specific organism. 

Fundamental research in our group often examines the ecology and evolution of ecological traits, and we’re particularly interested in ecological complexities and interactions associated with microbial organisms. Increasingly our work examines how biotic and abiotic stress influences these interactions.

We also research traits associated with choices. Topics include: social polymorphisms, oviposition behaviors, mate choice, and host choice of parasitoids and herbivores.

Lately we’ve been combining these lines of research to examine interactions among multiple pathogens or microbial organisms and vectors. 

Our applied research focuses on ecologically sustainable and sound methods of managing both beneficial and pest insects, insect vectors of plant diseases, and on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in general.

You can read more about specific research topics here.

We are located in the Department of Plant Sciences in the

College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the

University of Saskatchwewan

If you have insect related questions, please contact us here

For insect identifications, please inlclude (if possible): pictures from multiple angles, location where insect was seen, what plant it was on, when the picture was taken.

As a part of our research, we can provide limited virus detection. Contact us if you observe symptoms such as curling, yellowing, mosaic patterns, mottling, necrosis, puckering, ringspot, stunting, twisting, dwarfing, or wilting on your crops (pea, chickpea, lentil, and faba bean). To inquire about virus testing, please contact us here.

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