Former Lab Members

Former Postdocs

Dr. Francis Wamonje, Now Research Leader in Entomology, NIAB EMR, Kent UK

Dr. Abigail Cohen, Now Postdoctoral Reserarcher, University of Calgary

Dr. Adam Jewiss-Gaines, Now working for Alberta Government

Former Undergraduates

Rachel Weller, Project: Pollinators in fava bean

Meredith Cholin, Project: A comparison of wireworm sampling methods

Corrie de Winter, Thesis "What is the Relationship between Pollinators, Pest Insects, and Yield in Saskatchewan Canola?"

Fallon Gabb,  Thesis "Aster Leafhopper preferences when given choices of wheat and canola"

Morgan Follensbee, Thesis "Comparison of Efficiency of Sampling Methods for Pea Aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum) of Field Pea (Pisum sativum) in Saskatchewan"

Raleen Siwak, Thesis "A Description of the Insect Community in Saskatchewan Potato Crops"

Kristy Vavra, Thesis "Effects of Drought Tolerance and Seeding Rates on Production of Red Clover"

Nicole Wilyman, Thesis "Comparing bee communities in two hybrid canola varieties in Southern Alberta"

Lorrae Strasser,  Thesis "Bee Communities over Distance and Time in a Red Clover Field."

Raidin Brailsford,  Thesis "Toxicity and Risk Characterization of an Anthranilic Diamide and Butenolide Insecticide to Bumble Bees" 

Kirsten Scholten:  Thesis: “Direct and indirect effects of seed treatments on ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) health and weed seed consumption.

Jingting Lei: Thesis: “Host plant preference of aster leafhopper among barley, canola, and spiny annual sow-thistle”

Wangyu Cai: Thesis: “Effect of Fertilizer Concentration on Leafhopper Feeding Behaviour”

Farrah Fischer: Thesis: "Feasbility of gut contents analysis and the identification of plant DNA from Aster Leafhoppers (Macrosteles quadrilineatus (Forbes) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

Lawrence Entz: Thesis: "Fecundity and Egg Load of Aster Leafhoppers (Macrosteles quadrilineatus Forbes) as Affected by Rearing on Drought Stressed Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)"

Former Staff and Visitors

Ningxing Zhou, Research Technician

Valeria Molina Martinez, Graduate Reserach Assistant 

Ramandeep Bamrah, Technician. Raman was responsible for numerous projects in the lab. This included most of our collaborative work at the Canadian Light Source. 

Ugo Mendes Diniz, Mitacs Globalink Intern, Project: Choice behaviors of bees when presented with stressed and healthy plants

Khaled Kchouck, Mitacs Globalink Intern, Project: Video observation of choice behaviors of leafhoppers

Randi Sommerville, Research assistant focussed on plant and insect maintanance