Graduate Students

Picture of Berenice Romero

Berenice Romero Graduate Student

Berenice's research focused on the interactions between bacterial pathogens and insect vectors. Her primary research system is Aster Yellows phytoplasma and the Aster leafhopper (Macrosteles quadrilineatus). Her work examines multiple plant and crop species including: canola, wheat, and barley.

Picture of Caleb Bryan

Caleb Bryan Graduate Student

Caleb's research examines how pollinators, microbes, and plants interact. He is particularly interested in how bees respond to stress in plants.

Picture of Samantha Morrice

Samantha Morrice Graduate Student

Samantha's research focuses on the community ecology of pollinators with respect to field and wetland margins in crop lands.

Picture of Ms. Ningxing Zhou

Ms. Ningxing Zhou Graduate Student

Ning is studying the economic entomology of aphids and aphid vectored viruses in pulse crops.

Picture of Dan Malamura

Dan Malamura

Dan is studying IPM of red clover. His project examines the potential effects of seeding rate, insecticides, and pollination on yield and nitrogen fixation.

Picture of Kristy Vavra

Kristy Vavra Co-advised with Dr. Tyler Wist (AAFC)

Having completed her undergraduate thesis in our lab, Kristy is now working to identify wheat midge resistant traits in wheat.

Picture of Jacqueline Verhallen

Jacqueline Verhallen Graduate Student

Jacqueline's research examines pest management and plant-insect interactions in medicinal plants.