Undergraduate Students

Picture of Ms. Samantha Morrice

Ms. Samantha Morrice Undergraduate Student

Samantha is our resident insect nerd who is working on various projects in the lab while she prepares to join us as a graduate student in the winter.

Picture of Mr. Raidin Brailsford

Mr. Raidin Brailsford Undergraduate Student

Raidin is spending the summer helping with our biodiversity projects. In the school year he will be examining insecticide effects on pollinators.

Picture of Ms. Morgan Follensbee

Ms. Morgan Follensbee Undergraduate Student

While her last name indicates that she should be working on pollinators, Morgan is defying this and is actually studying methods to sample pea aphids in pulse crops.

Picture of Ms. Raleen Siwak

Ms. Raleen Siwak Undergraduate Student

Raleen is studying the beneficial insect community in Saskatchewan potato fields

Picture of Ms. Kristy Vavra

Ms. Kristy Vavra Undergraduate Student

Kristy is studying interactions associated with red clover seeding rates.

Picture of Ms. Nicole WIlyman

Ms. Nicole WIlyman Undergraduate Student

Nicole is examining the pollinator communities in different varieties of hybrid canola.

Picture of Ms. Lorrae Strasser

Ms. Lorrae Strasser Undergraduate Student

Lorrae is examining Megachilid Leaf Cutting Bees in Red Clover.

Picture of Ms. Ningxing Zhou

Ms. Ningxing Zhou Undergraduate Student

Ning is helping process insect samples.

Picture of Ms. Jacqueline Verhallen

Ms. Jacqueline Verhallen Undergraduate Student

Jacqueline is an all purpose insect nerd helping with various projects around the lab