Plant Sale update

The 2022 plant sale was a great success. Proceeds from this suport our efforts to breed new and interesting fruit that is hardy zone 2. Thank you all for the support. We are thinking of having a fall sale for apples and possibly grapes. Probably late August. 

Plant sale


We have decided on a date but how our sale will look this year is still uncertain but our sale will be June 3 and 4 whether that is a preorder and pick up or in-person pick up we don't yet know. 

Welcome to the University of Saskatchewan Plant Sale page.

We normally hold one annual plant sale in early June. The sale is a fundraiser for our plant breeding program and proceeds are used to hire summer students to help us develop new Saskatchewan hardy fruit cultivars.

This is the primary page for the university plant sale. All updates about the sale dates, information about how to order and pick up plants as well as other details about the sale will be posted here first. We also post updates about the sale on our Facebook page (University of Saskatchewan Fruit program).

The last sale was so popular that we crashed the server. Part of the problem is that we had a bunch of people trying to make accounts and then trying to access the sale all at once. If you already have an account it would be a good idea to ensure you can log in before the sale goes live. If you don’t have an account it would be helpful to set one up before the sale and this will help make things go a little smoother. Please go to to set up an account.

D’Aragnan cherry


Q: I live out of town and can’t come to Saskatoon for the sale. Do you ship plants?

A: These are in-person sales only. We do not ship plants.


Q: I missed your last sale. Can I still place an order for plants? Can I buy your leftover stock?

A: The designated plant sales are the only time that you can buy plants directly from the university. We do not sell plants at any other time.


Q: How much do your plants cost?

A: We usually propagate a lot of haskaps, sour cherries, apples and other fruits for the sale. Most of these are sold as whips that are under 12” tall grown in 3” pots. These are priced at $5 each. Prices vary for other plants such as rhubarb, raspberries, asparagus and coleus. Sometimes we sell other plants such as plums, cherry-plums, hazelnut and cranberry, depending on what we have available. More mature container fruits are priced higher because they are older and take more care to produce. A final list of plants with final prices will be available closer to the plant sale.


Q: How many plants can I buy at the sale? I need 100 fruit trees.

A: We reserve the right to set limits to the number of each plant you can buy. The decision about limits depends on how many plants we have available and will be made closer to the sale date.

If you wish to buy large numbers of plants for a farm or u-pick operation, please see our ‘Distributors’ page for a list of licensed propagators who sell our plants:


Q: I have more questions about the plant sale. Who do I contact?

A: you can contact us through facebook or


Q: When is your next sale?

A: The next plant sale will be June 3. 



Thank you for supporting our breeding program at the University of Saskatchewan Fruit program.