Sale instructions

Our sale will be going forward, but due to Covid-19 we will be enforcing strict protocols for everyone’s safety. The sale will be an online order form with scheduled pick-up times (no deliveries).

In order to limit the number of scheduled pick-ups we encourage people to do bulk orders with their friends/family, fill out only 1 order form and send only 1 vehicle to do the pick-up. This will help reduce the number of vehicles that have to come through our facility. Email order forms to

We will process the order forms in the order they come in and then email/text invoices to customers with the total amount of money owed. We will only accept exact change or a cheque addressed to “University of Saskatchewan”. We are not equipped nor allowed to handle credit cards, debit transactions or e-transfers


Plants will be picked up at the Horticulture Field Lab (2909 14th Street E). Only a certain number of vehicles will be scheduled for a pick up time slot. Please arrive at your specified time.


Stay in your vehicle at all times. All buildings are closed to the public. Bathrooms will not be available.

Previous to your arrival please make room in your vehicle. We will load your plants for you.

Thank you for understanding as we are doing the best we can within our safety protocols and with limited staff. We are being extra careful because if one person contracts Covid-19 then we will have to shut down our facility for 2 weeks and that will be detrimental to our breeding program.

This sale is geared towards home gardeners. If you live on an acreage and are looking to buy large quantities of fruit trees we recommend purchasing plants from our licensed propagators ( as the plants are often cheaper then what we charge if you are buying large numbers. For this reason we reserve the right to reject an order if we feel that the person is asking to buy too many plants.


We have 2 sections in our order form. The first section lists the plants that we have lots available and the second section lists plants that we have in fewer numbers, so they will sell out much quicker. We will be updating our order form daily as things sell out.

Order form