Study Information

Research Participants

We are recruiting ambulatory individuals with osteoporosis, a history of vertebral fractures, or hyperkyphosis to participate in a Nordic walking intervention. 

Intervention includes three Nordic walking sessions per week over three months, which will take place in Market Mall, in collaboration with the Community Health Centre. Measurements include bone densitometry, mobility, and postural measures at the College of Kinesiology labs at the University of Saskatchewan.

If you are interested in participating, please contact study coordinator Dr. Mahdi Rostami at or 306-966-1096. 

For additional information, please contact the principal investigator Dr. Saija Kontulainen at or 306-966-1077.

Exercise Session Example


Principal Investigator: Dr. Saija Kontulainen

Co-Investigators: Dr. Jenny Basran, Dr. Phil Chilibeck, Howard Giles, June Giles, Dr. JD Johnston, Dr. Kasie Kelln, Karen Levesque, Dr. Steve Milosavljevic, Dr. Kevin Spink, Elaine Warrington, Kimberly Willison

Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Suelen Goes

Students: Tania Alazawi, Omar Banun, Brad Bigsby

Research Assistants: Bethany Hase, Anthony Kehrig, Dr. Mahdi Rostami, Yuwen Zheng

We thank all Patient Partners, as well as Student- and Peer-Instructors for volunteering!

Study Funding