Annual Public Lecture Series

Dr Michel Weber, Director, Centre for Philosophical Practice, Brussels and Dr. Ronny Desmet, Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Free University of Brussels: The Place of the Sciences and Humanities in the University Today, 7th November.
Dr. Ronny Desmet and Dr. Michel Weber: Whitehead’s Process Education:Theory and Practice, 8th November.

Dr Sheila Harding, MD, FRCPC, Associate Dean of Medical Education, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan: The Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education,” 30th September.

Dr Len Findlay, Professor, Department of English, and Director, Humanities Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan: Extraordinary Renditions: Translating the Humanities as Radical Processes Now,23rd January.

Dr Bill Thomlinson, Executive Director, University of Saskatchewan Light Source Synchrotron: Art and Science, 4th October.

Dr Ron Marken, Professor, Department of English and Director Gwenna Moss Learning Center, University of Saskatchewan, Teaching, Learning, Retiring, 2nd March.

Dr. Chary Rangacharyulu, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan: Process and the Pentaquark, 16th April.

Dr. Thomas Selover, Department of Religious Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Divinity as a Quality of Relations, 14th November.

Dr John B. Cobb Jr., Founding Director, Centre for Process Studies, Claremont Graduate School: Whitehead’s Theory of Knowledge as a Critique of the Modern University. Keynote Address, “Knowledge, Value, and Meaning as Process” International Conference, 29th-31st May.