Program Committee

A Program Committee, chaired by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), will be formed to guide the strategic direction of the SAFER training initiative. The Program Committee will meet via teleconference twice a year to discuss program performance and provide input and guidance on how the program should evolve.

Program Director: Steven Siciliano, UofS

Chair: Kris Bradshaw, Federated Co-operatives Limited

Industry members: Patrick Campbell, Wood; Al Shpyth, International Minerals Innovation Institute

Department head: Angela Bedard-Haughn

Program Coordinator: Steven Mamet

SAFER Student: TBD

Science Committee

A Science Committee will meet monthly to discuss progress, monitor students’ internships and international mobility experiences, and determine enrollment.

Program Director: Steven Siciliano

IMAE Liason: Paulo Sousa

SAFER Co-PI: Miles Dyck

Program Coordinator: Steven Mamet

SAFER Student: TBD