Interested in applied ecology? Curious about international approaches to remediation? Like to travel?

If you answered “yes!” to these or similar questions, you may be interested in the NSERC CREATE SAFER Graduate Program.

Perks of the SAFER Program include:

Job-readiness: Academic training combined with industrial internships

International mobility: Diverse mentorship abroad through the International Masters in Applied Ecology (IMAE) program

Interdisciplinary training: Agroecology, environmental engineering & science, soil science, and more!

Graduate studies in Sustainable Applied Fertilizer Environmental Remediation (SAFER)

Never has the timing been better for Canada to display its leadership in environmental stewardship in fertilizer remediation to better serve Canadians in ways which consider health, social, and economic welfare.

Applied ecology and international mobility

Sustainable fertilizer remediation is a pressing agroecological problem in Canada and abroad. The production, transport, and warehousing of fertilizers can adversely impact the environment if these chemicals are inadvertently released; often the case at bulk transfer and storage facilities. These releases threaten ecological and human health and contribute to costly asset retirement obligations. However, developing the necessary low-cost solutions requires collaborative research focused on fertilizer remediation science and sustainability. Our NSERC CREATE for Sustainable Applied Fertilizer Environmental Remediation (SAFER) is an innovative graduate program in applied ecology, where students will have the unique opportunity to train abroad and in Canada with accomplished academics and industry experts. Graduates of this program may find employment in fertilizer / agro-chemical industry as well as the agriculture, mining, oil and gas, environmental consulting, natural resource management, and related industries.

The SAFER program is sponsored by

Participating Universities

Academic Partners

International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE)

SAFER is partnered with with the European International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE) program. IMAE is an Erasmus Mundus Master Course, funded through the European Commission, which involves a consortium of nine universities located in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas to foster interdisciplinary training in Applied Ecology.

The SAFER-IMAE partnership will allow us to recruit exceptional students from within Canada and the world, and facilitate international mobility of SAFER students. The IMAE course has been designed to form highly qualified professionals who can address environmental issues not only through ecological sciences but also drawing on associated social, political and economical dimensions. They will contribute to conserve environment with regards to business and legislation, to promote sustainable growth and to integrate into their diagnoses the growing needs of citizens, public authorities, and industry alike. The high diversity of course content and the number of mobility periods during training provided by the program increase opportunities to develop both an international outlook and new perspectives in the field of applied ecology.

Industrial Partners