Past Members

Picture of  Roya Zand

Roya Zand BSc, MSc Past Member

Picture of  Alexa Dixon

Alexa Dixon BSc, DVM Past Member

Alexa was a student in our lab during summer 2020. She recently completed her DVM and will be starting an exciting new career in mixed practise.

Picture of Ruwani Karunarathna

Ruwani Karunarathna BVSc, PhD, Dip ACVM Past Member

Ruwani recently completed her PhD in December 2019. She is currently working in the bacteriology lab at Prairie Diagnostic Services.

Picture of Shanika Kurukulasuriya

Shanika Kurukulasuriya BVSc, PhD Past Member

Shanika completed her PhD and post-doctorate in our laboratory. She is currently a MVetSc student in Clinical Pathology, Department of Veterinary Pathology, WCVM.

Picture of  Monica Kunze

Monica Kunze BSc Past Member

Monica was a summer student with our group in 2018 and 2019. She is currently a DVM student at The University of Melbourne.

Picture of  Mengying Liu

Mengying Liu BScAgr, MSc Past Member

Mengying recently completed her MSc. She is currently employed with Prairie Diagnositcs Services.

Picture of Lisa de Melo Santana

Lisa de Melo Santana Past Member - MITACS Globalink

Lisa joined our lab during the summer of 2019, as a MITACS Globalink Intern. Her project was entitiled "Divergence and ontogeny of immune cell profiles in neonatal meat and egg type chickens". She is currently finishing her DVM program in Brazil. Best of luck!