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RESOLVE is a prairie-based research network that coordinates and supports research aimed at ending violence, especially violence involving girls and women. RESOLVE creates partnerships among service agencies, government departments and universities across the prairie provinces with offices in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Learn more About Us.

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The province of Saskatchewan is home to a vibrant research community and hundreds of organizations and service providers working to prevent, respond to, and assist with recovery from violence and abuse.

Through this podcast, we hope to facilitate that transfer of knowledge from the research community to these applied stakeholders and people with lived experience, to make staying up to date on current research that much more accessible and efficient.

Karen remembers her children coming home from elementary school, telling stories about their day and, for some reason, they often circled around a time of 'pause'. She first heard it as 'paws' ! She learned that there were times throughout the day when everyone was invited to sit quietly, read, think or reflect. And those moments were so important to the children.

We love this notion and would like to invite you to join us at RESOLVE in sharing moments of 'pause' together, reflecting on the issues we are navigating as opportunities to grow together.

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