RESOLVing Saskatchewan Violence

This project seeks to broaden RESOLVE SK—a research network that aims to end interpersonal violence and gender-based violence—in order to enhance their research and funding capacity moving forward. This will involve fostering connections with new stakeholders, strengthening existing connections and culminating larger and tighter networks of scholars and community agencies.

Funding: SHRF Align Grant


The purpose of this study is to explore rural women's experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) and help-seeking across the Prairie Provinces. IPV is behaviour that causes harm to partners in an intimate relationship and includes physical and sexual violence, emotional (psychological) abuse, and controlling behaviours (World Health Organization, 2013). IPV is recognized as a serious social and public health issue with devastating consequences for individuals and families (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2016). Although there is a growing body of research on female survivors of IPV, there is a paucity of research on the experiences of rural women. Existing studies do not provide a clear picture of the unique circumstances of rural women who experience IPV or of the obstacles they face when seeking safety for themselves and their children. The proposed study will address this knowledge gap through a qualitative examination of rural women that will document the ways in which rural culture and context impacts their experience of IPV, how these experiences interact with co-occurring challenges experienced by women, and the barriers and challenges that occur within this context as women seek help. The findings of this research will be used to develop recommendations to improve services for rural women as well as strategies for intervention and prevention and to develop recommendations for future research in this area. This two-year project will be taking place between the spring of 2020 and 2022.

Principle Investigator:

Dr. Kendra Nixon

Academic Partners:

Dr. Cheryl Fraehlich (University of Manitoba);
Dr. Karen Wood and Dr. Carolyn Brooks (University of Saskatchewan);
Dr. Nicole Letourneau (University of Calgary);
Dr. Dawn McBride (University of Lethbridge)

Research Assistant:

Kayla Arisman

Community Partners:

Women’s Resource Centre in Brandon
Ending Violence Across Manitoba (EVA MB)

Provincial Association of Transition Houses & Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS)

Odyssey House Women’s Shelter

Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre

Safe Heaven Women’s Shelter Society

Family and Community Support Services and Sagesse


PrairieAction Foundation | Community Action, Research & Education (CARE) Grant Program

Length of Project:

2 years

ATTACH Program

The purpose is to undertake an effectiveness-implementation hybrid (EIH) design study of ATTACH, a parenting program, to be implemented at community agencies across the Prairie Provinces, for families of preschoolers affected by toxic stress.

Principle Investigator:

Letourneau, N., Ross, K., Birnie, K., Grahan, I., Kobor, M., Merrill, S., Nixon, K., Pitrowski, C., Wood, K.

Community Partners:

Aubrey, M., Baumann, J., Citro, E., Cole, S., Jalton, J., Donnelly, C., Hart, M., Isaac, D., Johnson-Green, J., Nandee, C., Paraker, N., Piekarski, J., Pociuk, S., Taylor, S.



Length of Project:

3 years