Indigenous Health Gathering

COVID-19: Please note, the below description is based on our team's initial proposal. We will be continually evaluating our plan for 2022, depending on how the year progresses with regards to current and changing Covid-19 public health measures. The health and safety of our communities is paramount, and we will plan for coming events accordingly.

2021 NEIHR Annual Gathering

In 2021, the Indigenous Mentorship Networks (IMNs) are working together to cohost the National Gathering of Graduate Students (NGGS) which is taking place online June 7-29, 2021. The NEIHRs are supporting this initiative and will be participating in many of the activities. See below NGGS description and registration details. 

Subsequent national gatherings could be hosted by a different NEIHR each year, supported by the Coordinating Centre. The annual gathering will include Indigenous stakeholder presentations and panels. Indigenous stakeholders (researchers, community members, students, Elders and knowledge keepers) will serve on the organizing committee. 

National Gathering of Graduate Students (NGGS)

NGGS 2021: Nurturing our Whole Selves | June 7 – 29, 2021

The National Gathering of Graduate Students (NGGS) is a national annual gathering that brings together Indigenous graduate students doing research on Indigenous health and well-being. The NGGS is meant to foster belonging and support for Indigenous graduate students, as well as a place for skill and capacity building and knowledge transfer. By learning with and from other graduate students, Indigenous faculty, and allied scholars from across the country, the NGGS is a culturally relevant and scientifically rigorous meeting. 

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving forward with a virtual format for this year’s NGGS, with events taking place throughout the month of June. Recognizing that this pandemic has been difficult for our students, the theme of NGGS 2021 is “Nurturing our Whole Selves” with a focus on events for self-care and relationships. Indigenous graduate and health professional students who are undertaking research in the area of health and/or wellbeing research are invited to register.


August 12-14, 2020
Hosted by Ombaashi and the IMNPs 

After COVID threw a wrench in this year's plans for NGGS the Indigenous Mentorship Network Programs decided to change the format and attempt our first Online Gathering. It looked quite a bit different but was fun nonetheless! 

More than 160 students participated from # provinces and there were # presentations, # workshops and other fun activities. 

Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC
July 9-13, 2018
hosted by Ombaashi

The gathering creates the opportunity to:

  • Present and discuss work with international Indigenous health and wellness leaders.
  • Meet Indigenous researchers in similar fields.
  • Meet Indigenous and allied graduate students.
  • Hear from leaders in Indigenous health and wellness research.
  • Attend professional development seminars with leading Indigenous health and wellness researchers.