Research Interests

Molecular mapping of nerve-tumor interface

There is compelling evidence that tumor and nerves interact and mutually support the growth of each other. However, the molecular players involved in this interaction are not well identified. Full characterization of the tumor-nerve interface and identification of the molecular players involved will reveal novel therapeutic targets for cancer and nerve regeneration. My lab focusses on mapping the tumor-nerve interface to develop molecular targets for cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

Defining the roles of self-renewing resident macrophage in the nervous system

A population of macrophages in the peripheral nervous system self-renew independent of contribution from monocytes. However, the specific contribution of this population to the functioning of the nervous system is not understood. My lab is interested in studying the unique functions of this population in nervous system homeostasis and disorders.

Research Topics

Nerve-tumor interface

Nerve regeneration

Cancer biology

Self-renewing resident macrophage in the nervous system.