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Saskatoon City Hospital
Ph: (306) 655-7742 Fx: (306) 667-3990
Room 7717, 701 Queen Street
Saskatoon SK, S7K 0M7


The MS Clinic is specialized in the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis.  The Clinic is staffed by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have specialized training and/or skills needed for optimal MS care.  We are recognized by the MS Society of Canada.  In order to recognized by the MS Society, the Clinic needs to show evidence of a multidisciplinary approach.  We have access to a number of health services such as psychiatry, occupational and physical therapy, and social work to name a few.  Sometimes these services offer treatment, or sometimes they offer assessment and recommendations for follow-up with a local health care professional.

The first visit will typically be focused on diagnosing, or confirming an existing diagnosis.  Usually patients to the Clinic will see a nurse who will screen for any special needs that may be present, and who will also try to determine any educational or information needs that may be addressed.  When seeing the physician, a thorough history and neurological exam will be conducted, as well as a review of the history as documented by the referring physician.  In some cases, more tests may be needed to confirm diagnosis or to evaluate a finding.  You may also be asked to sign a release so that the Clinic may obtain missing information. Our prevailing philosphy is that people with MS will help cure MS.  With this in mind, you may be asked to participate in research and sign a consent form.  

  • As the MS Clinic is located in a teaching hospital, medical students and/or residents may be involved with your visit.

At follow up visits, special attention is given to any changes since the last visit and assessment includes consideration of any interventions that may be helpful.