The Centre for Hydrology Badge

These badges or 'identifying images' are intended for use by staff, members, affiliates and students of the Centre for Hydrology: others may use them with permission from the director of the Centre for Hydrology (


  • The images are provided in Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) format, which is lossless and supports transparency.
  • They are all at 300 dots-per-inch resolution, which is generally accepted as being adequate for print quality.
  • Please choose a size which avoids any need for re-dimensioning, as this will result in degraded resolution and a 'fuzzier' appearance. If re-sizing is unavoidable, it is in general preferable to reduce, rather than increase, the size.
  • Please use a background that ensures clear legibility.
  • The image should not be altered in any way from the original.


Saving the Image
Most browsers will include some variation of an option to Save image as... or Save target as... within the pop-up menu which appears on right-clicking (or control-clicking) on the image. Those on touch-screen devices may require alternative actions, as detailed in the associated user documentation.