Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Next Post Email Web
Dr Elvis Asong Climate Change Specialist,
Associated Engineering,
Calgary, AB
Dr Jonathan Conway Hydrological Forecasting Scientist,
National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA)
Lauder, New Zealand
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Dr Marcos Cordeiro Visiting Fellow,
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,
Lethbridge, AB
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Dr Diogo Costa Research Scientist,
Environment and Climate Change Canada,
Saskatoon, SK
Dr Edgar Guzman ATLOC Canada    Web
Dr Daryl Janzen Sessional Lecturer,
Physics Department,
University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, SK
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Nicolas Leroux Post-Doc,
Université du Québec à Montréal
Dr Muluneh Mekonnen Water Modelling Engineer,
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development,
Edmonton, AB
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Dr Taufique Mahmood Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering,
University of North Dakota, USA
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Dr Keith Musselman U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research,
Boulder, Colorado, USA
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Dr Kabir Rasouli Research Scientist,
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Montreal, QB
Dr Michael Schirmer WSL Institute of Snow and Avalanche Research SLF,
Davos, Switzerland
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Dr Nic Wayand Post-Doctoral Fellow,
University of Washington, USA
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Former post-graduate students at the Centre for Hydrology

Name Higher Degree Thesis Next Post Email
Hawi Abate PhD, 2013 Modelling stream-groundwater interactions along mountain valleys    Email
Nik Aksamit PhD, 2017 Alpine Boundary Layer Turbulence and Snow Transport 1) Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology
2) Nonlinear Dynamics Group, Institute for Mechanical Systems
ETH - University of Zürich
Khawaja Faran Ali PhD, 2009 Construction of sediment budgets in large scale drainage basins: the case of the upper Indus River Post-Doc, University of British Columbia  Email
Emily Anderson MSc, 2017 Modelling Changes in Multi-Decadal Streamflow Contributions – Bologna Glacier, Selwyn Mountains, NWT, Canada Water Resources Specialist, Environment and Climate Change Canada  Email
Maria Armstrong MSc, 2018 Prairie wetland water quality Chemistry Research Assistant, IISD-ELA  Email
Rob Armstrong PhD, 2011 Spatial variability of actual evaporation in a prairie landscape Research Officer, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), University of Queensland  Email
Nathalie Brunet MSc, 2011 Prairie pothole drainage and water quality Hydrologist, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency  Email
Laura Comeau MSc, 2009 Glacier contribution to the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers 1) PhD Student (U. Edinburgh)
2) Transport Modeller, Transport For London
Chris DeBeer PhD, 2012 Simulating Areal Snowcover Depletion and Snowmelt Runoff in Alpine Terrain 1) Canada North Environmental Services
2) Changing Cold Regions Network Manager, Global Institute for Water Security
3) Science Manager, Global Water Futures and INARCH
Pablo Dornes PhD, 2009 An approach for modelling snowcover ablation and snowmelt runoff in cold region environments Universidad Nacional de la Pampa, Argentina  Email
Stacey Dumanski MSc, 2015 Hydrological regime changes in a Canadian Prairie wetland basin CCRN Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, Global Institute for Water Security  Email
Chad Ellis PhD, 2011 Radiation and snowmelt dynamics in mountain forests 1) Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology
2) Silvatech Group, Salmon Arm, BC
3) Instructor, Okanagan College, BC
Kirby England MSc, 2019 Busy beavers in the big City: an analysis of beaver distribution, foraging and non-lethal forage management in urban riverine forests    Email
Xing (Logan) Fang MSc, 2007 Snow hydrology of Canadian prairie droughts: model development and application Research Officer, Centre for Hydrology  Email
Chris Gabrielli PhD, 2018 The role of Bedrock Groundwater in Headwater Catchments: Processes, Patterns, Storage and Transit Times    Email
Amy Goodbrand MSc, 2013 Influence of lakes and peatlands on groundwater contribution to Boreal streamflow    Email
Xiu Juan (May) Guan MSc, 2010 Shallow soil moisture - ground thaw interactions and controls 1) Research Technician, Centre for Hydrology
2) Meteorological & Hydrometric Technologist,
Alberta Environment and Parks
Daniel Günther MSc, 2015 Discharge processes during a rain-on-snow event PhD Student, University of Innsbruck  Email
Phillip Harder MSc, 2013;
PhD, 2018
MSc: Precipitation Phase Partitioning with a Psychrometric Energy Balance: Model Development and Application
PhD: Unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing of snow: improving snowmelt prediction
Post-Doc, Global Water Futures / Centre for Hydrology, U of S  Email
Warren Helgason PhD, 2009 Energy Fluxes at the Air-Snow Interface Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering, U of S  Email
Kimberley Janzen MSc, 2008 Hyporheic flow in a mountainous riverine system McDonnell Watershed Hydrology lab, U of S  Email
Dan Karran PhD, 2018 The Engineering of Peatland Form and Function by Beaver (Castor spp.) Lecturer, Olds College  Email
Nicholas Kinar PhD, 2013 Acoustic Measurement of Snow 1) Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology, U of S
2) Research Scientist, Global Water Futures / Centre for Hydrology, U of S
Sebastian Krogh PhD, 2018 Past and Future Hydrology Near the Artic Treeline Post-Doc, University of Nevada  
Nicolas Leroux PhD, 2018 Mass and heat flow through snowpacks Post-Doc, Université du Québec à Montréal  Email
Gro Lilbaek PhD, 2009 Compositional Change of Meltwater Infiltrating Frozen Ground Post-Doc, University of Alberta  Email
Zhibang Lv PhD, 2019 Hydrological Remote Sensing Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology  Email
James MacDonald MSc, 2010 Unloading on intercepted snow in conifer forests Guide & Naturalist, One Ocean Expeditions;
Instructor, Raven Rescue
Matt MacDonald MSc, 2011 Hydrological response unit-based blowing snow modelling over mountainous terrain 1) PhD 2015 (U. Edinburgh)
2) Post-Doc, University of Manitoba
Chris Marsh PhD, 2019 Emergent Phenomena and Model Complexity in Simulating Mountain Hydrology in Cold Regions Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology  Email
Jason Mercer MSc, 2018 Insights into mountain wetland resilience to climate change: An evaluation of the hydrological processes contributing to the hydrodynamics of alpine wetlands in the Canadian Rocky Mountains PhD Student, University of Wyoming  Email
Adam Minke MSc, 2010 Estimating water storage of prairie pothole wetlands    Email
Alasdair Morrison PhD, 2019 Moving from Flood Resistance to Resilience: "Still Doing it the Hard Way" in Western Canada    Email
Ross Phillips MSc, 2011 Connectivity and runoff dynamics in heterogeneous drainage basins Golder Associates  Email
Diraj Pradhananga PhD, 2020 Response of Canadian Rockies Glacier Hydrology to Changing Climate Asst. Professor at Tribhuvan University, Nepal  Email
Kabir Rasouli PhD, 2017 Sensitivity Analysis of Mountain Hydrology to Changing Climate Post-Doc, Centre for Hydrology, U of S  Email
Jennifer Roste MSc, 2015 Development and Evaluation of a Canadian Prairie Nutrient Transport Model Independent contractor / consultant  Email
Lucia Scaff PhD, 2019 Convective Precipitation over Complex Terrain, Current and Future Climate    Email
Nicole Seitz Vermeer MSc, 2011 Advancing cumulative effects assessment methodology for river systems Water Research Specialist, Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry  Email
Dean Shaw PhD, 2010 The influence of contributing area on the hydrology of the prairie pothole region of North America Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada  Email
Erin Shaw MSc, 2009 Lateral exchange of water and nitrogen along a beaver-dammed stream draining a Rocky Mountain valley Worley Parsons  Email
Evan Siemens MSc, 2016 The effects of climate variability on hydrological processes in a Canadian Rocky Mountain headwater catchment Police Officer, Saskatoon  Email
Nichole Stoll MSc, 2019 Exploring beaver dam capacity in the Canadian Boreal Plains Ecozone    Email
Stephanie Streich MSc, 2019 The hydrological function of a mountain valley-bottom peatland under drought conditions    Email
Mohammadreza Zarcheshm MSc, 2018 Delineation of Surface Water Features Using RADARSAT-2 Imagery and a TOPAZ Masking Approach over the Prairie Pothole Region in Canada    Email