Graduate Students

This table lists current students pursuing Doctorates and Masters' degrees at the Centre for Hydrology:

Mohamed Ahmed PhD (Elshorbagy)  101.63 CCWFP    Email
Nasim Amini MSc (Lloyd-Smith)  101.52 CCWFP    Email
Holly Annand PhD (Pomeroy, Wheater)
Changing Prairie Hydrology: Modelling the Influence of Climate Change and Wetland Drainage
 101.35 CCWFP    Email
Gervin Apatinga PhD (Shuster-Wallace)  101.47 CCWFP    Email
Caroline Aubry-Wake PhD (Pomeroy)
Modelling climate change impacts on glacier hydrology
 Coldwater Laboratory,
Canmore, AB
André Bertoncini PhD (Pomeroy)
Snow hydrology, remote sensing, data assimilation and prediction
 101.33 CCWFP    Email
Rima Bouslama MSc(Ferguson)  101.60 CCWFP    Email
Lisa Boyer MES(Baulch)
The dynamics of biological nitrogen fixation in prairie lakes
 101.46 CCWFP    Email
Leila Eamen PhD (Razavi)
Integrated water management modelling
 101.32 CCWFP    Email
Rohan Gaddam MSc (Papalexiou)  101.46 CCWFP  306-914-4312  Email
Mohammad Ghoreishi PhD (Razavi)
Water resource management
  101.57 CCWFP    Email
Lijie Guo PhD (Helgason)   101.36 CCWFP    Email
Christian Hart MSc (Clark)  Coldwater Laboratory,
Canmore, AB
Salma Hobbi MSc (Papalexiou)   101.52 CCWFP    Email
Ya Huang PhD (Li)    101.32 CCWFP  306-966-1484  Email
Yunsung Hwang PhD (Li)    101.44 CCWFP    Email
Alison Irvine PhD (Schuster-Wallace)   101.45 CCWFP    Email
Keegan Jellicoe MSc (Ferguson) 
  101.60 CCWFP    Email
Peter Lawford PhD (Pomeroy)
  101.34 CCWFP    Email
Greg Lewallen PhD (Westbrook)
  44 Kirk Hall  306-966-1484  Email
Xiao Ma Phd (Li)
  101.55 Coldwater Laboratory,
Canmore, AB
Chris Perra MSc (Ferguson)
 101.46 CCWFP  306-966-1483  Email
Rashadur Rahman MSc (Lloyd-Smith)
 101.52 CCWFP    Email
Hailey Robichaud MSc (Helgason)
Climate change and sensitivity in a high alpine catchment
Mina Rohanizadegan PhD (Pomeroy and Dr R. Petrone, U. Waterloo) 
Evaluating the sensitivity of alpine evapotranspiration and sublimation to wind flows and vegetation in complex mountainous terrain in Kananaskis, Alberta
Maria Sanchez Garces PhD (Westbrook)  Coldwater Laboratory,
Canmore, AB
Jacob Staines MSc (Pomeroy)
  101.30 CCWFP    Email
He Sun VRS (Li)   101.45 CCWFP  306-713-3086  
Anuja Thapa MES (Strickert)
  101.47 CCWFP    Email
Binben Wang MSc (Papalexiou)
  101.45 CCWFP    Email
Hongye Wu MSc (Westbrook)
The hydrology of high-elevation Rocky Mountain peatlands
  28 Kirk Hall  306-966-1483  Email
Mohanad Zaghloui PhD (Elshorbagy)
  101.62 CCWFP