Graduate Students

Linzi Williamson (PhD, 2019). Examining the stigma and stereotypes related to involuntarily childless women

Ava Agar (PhD, 2018). Mandatory motherhood and compulsory careers: An application of theory of planned behaviour to young women's mothering and career intentions

Kelsey Marr (MA, 2018).  The imagined reproductive futures of post-graduate students

Kirstian Gibson (MA, 2016). Sexting and the application of social exchange theory                           

Sarah Sangster (MA, 2014). The framing of infertility in Canadian print news.                               

Linzi Williamson (MA, 2013). Delayed childbearing: A planned behaviour or an untintentional outcome?                         

Jody Shynkaruk (MA, 2009).  The influence of Down syndrome related information on attitudes toward selective reproduction.

Sheena Walls-Ingram (MA, 2006). Resident quality of life and routinization in rural long-term care facilities

Nicole Wohlgemuth (MA, 2006)  Prenatal testing decisions: women's needs and well-being

Tanya Robertson-Frey (MA, 2004). Body image and pregnancy: application of the theory of reasoned action.                

Shelly Turriff-Jonasson (MA, 2004). Use of prenatal testing, emotional attachment to the fetus and fetal health locus of control

Honours Students

Shaneice Fletcher-Hildbrand (2019). Cognitive-social foundations of fertility intentions

Amelia Perrotta (2019). Women's reproductive and career intentions

Madeleine Froehlich (2019). Experiences of sexual abstinence among emerging adult women.

Breanna Morrell (2018). Societal attitudes towards indivdiuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kari Duerkson (2016). Ambivalent sexism and attitudes toward abortion

Fiona Flick (2015).  Childbearing intentions                                              

Jessica Couture (2014) Endorsement of abortion for self vs other                 

Ashley McCorriston (2012).Maternal involvement and adult attachment             

Emma Cey (2011). Societal judgments toward HIV+ mothers                

Kara Imlach (2010). Presentation of Downe syndrome in prenatal pamphlets               

Christine Kopperud (2010) Perceptions of parenting a child with Downe syndrome          

Allison Clarke (2009). Societal perceptions of sexual assault victims           

Sarah Stookey (2009). Intra-group prejudice                                             

Kaya de Souza (2006). Parenting children with Downe syndrome                                                 

Kristen Johnson (2004). Transition to university programming                   

Devi Ramichandran (2003). Minority group bargaining                                       

Eve Upshall (2002). Experience of siblings of children with Downe syndrome