Picture of Pamela Downe

Pamela Downe PhD

Dr. Pamela Downe is a medical anthropologist with expertise in community-based engagement, infectious disease research, as well as maternal health research

Research Area(s)

  • HIV/AIDS community-based research; Motherhood, maternal care, and maternal health; policy analysis

Pamela Downe is a Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology. Pam received her doctorate from York University and joined the University of Saskatchewan in 1994 as a faculty member in Women’s & Gender Studies.  She transferred to the Department of Archaeology & Anthropology in 2008 and served as Department Head 2010-2015.  As a medical anthropologist, Pam’s primary research interests lie in the cultural dimensions of, and community responses to infectious disease and maternal care. Her research projects focus on: (1) motherhood and mothering in the context of HIV/AIDS; (2) cultural safety and maternal care; (3) the cultural bases of reproductive decision making; and (4) pain and wellbeing. Pam is the 2020 recipient of Saskatoon’s YWCA Women of Distinction Award (Research and Technology) as well as the 2020 Distinguished Scholar Award of the College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan.


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