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Melanie Bayly PhD RaDAR Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mel graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a PhD in psychology, in the Culture, Health, and Human Development program. She is interested in health-related research and program evaluation, and her research spans a variety of topics. For her PhD (supervised by Dr. Pamela Downe), Mel examined women’s experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering, and in particular how different childbirth-related options and experiences are understood morally. Mel is currently a postdoctoral fellow with the RaDAR team at the University of Saskatchewan, whose mandate is to strengthen dementia care and support in rural settings. Mel’s postdoctoral work involves a scoping review of the supports and education available for people with dementia and caregivers in rural areas, an investigation of well-being for people aging alone with cognitive impairment, and the evaluation of RaDAR’s Rural Primary Health Care Dementia Model from the perspectives of patients assessed for dementia and their families. Mel is passionate about both teaching and research, and has training in quantitative and qualitative research methods.


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