Picture of  John Malyk

John Malyk BSc MA Student

John was a double major in his undergrad earning both a BSc in Psychology, and a BSc in Natural Science at the University of Calgary in June 2019. John’s honours thesis aimed to explore how gay men understand and experience food and eating, in response to a body of literature that tends to problematize the eating of gay men. In addition, John’s research includes studying people’s perceptions of transgender survivors of sexual violence and the implications these perceptions may have for the justice system.

John is currently pursuing a Masters in Applied Social Psychology. He will continue to focus on LGBTQ2S+ research topics, including: mental health and identity development. Outside of school John loves hiking, travelling, and photography. He probably will not make it in the National Geographic, but his photos will make you say, “Ooh, neat.”


Conference Presentations

2019 - Malyk, J., Boyce, M. Perceptions of sexual assault survivors: The Effects of Gender Identity and Gender Role Conformity. Poster session presented at the 4th North American Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology Conference. Halifax, NS.